Open Day: Become “Site siti” volunteer

In Macedonia thousands of tons of safe food ends in landfills, while 450,000 people in our country can not afford all meals during one day. Hence, excess food from businesses will be donated through civil society organizations of socially endangered citizens.
For this purpose, we invite you to participate in the open day for inclusion of volunteers in the system for donating surplus food “Site siti”, which will be held on June 27, 2018 (Wednesday) from 5 pm. at the CEED Hub at ul. Rudnik Boskovic 18 (barracks at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering).

If you want to help with donating excess food, you can get involved according to your options and interests:

Food transfers, food should be transferred from a donor to a civil society organization (with or without your vehicle).
Finding new organizations, that is, helping to involve new businesses with surplus food and civil society organizations that need it, “they said from” Ajde Makedonija “.

All interested in participating in the system need to fill in the application of this link and will be invited to an information meeting. For additional information, contact via or on the Facebook page.

“Site siti” is a system for donating surplus foods supported by the Swiss Embassy, ​​USAID, Peace Corps, National Democratic Institute and Publicis.

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