The surplus food distribution system, ‘Site siti”, which is aimed at surplus foods, that is still in good condition and safe to use, does not end up in landfills, but to be re-located where it is really necessary, succeeded in only two months to save 4 tons of food and thus provide 12,500 meals for socially endangered citizens.
We are talking about large quantities of fruits, vegetables, cereals, juices, confectionery, milk and other types of food, which only because it is with a short shelf life or has no demand for it on the market would surely end up at the landfill.
The interest of businesses and humanitarian organizations is growing, and additional tens of volunteers report after their working hours to help distribute food to socially endangered citizens.
“Site siti” is starting to become the driving force of humanity and solidarity in Macedonia. We hope that this system will achieve the set goal to save 60 tonnes of food and provide 200,000 meals by March 2019.
Establishment of the first system for donating excess food in Macedonia, “Ajde Makedonija” was created with the support of the Swiss Embassy, ​​USAID, Peace Corps, National Democratic Institute and Publicis.

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