Food Surplus Donation Legislation Policy Advocacy


What we are doing

  • Advocate changes to current legislation focused on broadening food surplus donation regulations including the need for tax benefits for food donors
  • Increased capacities within the civil sector to provide food surplus donation redistribution
  • Protection for food donors and recipient agencies from liabilities


  • Current legislation and regulation inhibits food surplus donations leading to a tremendous waste of resources to support the 1 and 5 Macedonians who are food insecure
  • Review food surplus donations from countries throughout the European Union and Western Balkans
  • Create policy analysis after review from situation abroad and domestically
  • Host working session with members of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Agriculture, Finance and Food and Veterinary Agency including members from the civil sector
  • Share findings and opportunities with Chambers of Commerce
  • Report results with Prime Minister to identify and assign relevant ministry support to establish legislation steps to move forward