• Ajde Makedonija is a civic-led network that began in 2011 when different civic organizations all around Macedonia united together to clean up the entire country in one day. Since then, Ajde Makedonija has spread this model and started working on the problem from the root of the cause – the producers of waste rather than strictly cleaning up the effects of the waste production.
      • We first joined the global action Let’s do it World! on the 6th of October, 2012 by organizing 440 waste sites in 54 municipalities. Aided by over 55,000 people, they managed to clean 60,000 cubic meters of waste. The waste was taken to Drisla and municipal landfills, where 20 tons of PET bottles and over 10 tons of paper were recycled. The action involved 225 primary and 62 secondary schools, with educational lectures and workshops run by Junior Green Package collecting old paper and promoting clean events in the schools and surrounding areas. With this year’s action, Macedonia is completing its first successful year in the Let’s Do It World! movement.
      • National action was conducted in 2013 in 70 municipalities, and 19 685  waste across 386 registered locations where gathered. Besides municipalities and their utility companies, the activities involved 70 schools with over 3,700 students, NGOs, companies, 4 diplomatic missions, with a grand total of 61,637 citizens.
      • The implementation of national action in 2014 demonstrated similar results as the previous year, implemented in 70 municipalities, with nearly 60,000 citizens cleaning 252 waste sites and gathering 25,330 cubic meters of waste.
      • From 2015, Ajde Makedonija started two innovations that proved to be of major importance. Firstly, we created pilot system for textile reuse and donation and the first system for food donation in Macedonia. These two systems provide clothes and food for at least 100 socially endangered citizens monthly in Skopje. In this period we also conducted our first research on the topic of waste management in Macedonia. This helped us increase our organizational knowledge and raise the awareness among the public on the need for sustainable waste management in Macedonia.
      • Most recently recently we organized our national clean up action impacting 16,000 participants and over 53 municipalities throughout the nation.
      • As of the start of 2017, we have focused our attention on the topic of Food Waste, the largest waste stream in Macedonia that presents tremendous potentially environmentally, economically, and socially if we as a country reimage it as a resource.  We are focused on education and enablement across the civil, private, and governmental sector to address food waste including piloting a Food Waste Service Learning Program with high school students, advocating for legislative changes to support food surplus donations and creating a food surplus redistribution network that will allow for the redistribution of food surplus to the marginalized and food insecure citizens across Macedonia.
      • We are excited about the purposeful evolution of the organization from national cleanups to food waste centered actions which would provide sustainability for the organization for years to come while bringing us closer to accomplishing our vision of seeing Macedonia without waste.  We are calling on everyone to help in our efforts to reduce and prevent food waste!