1000 Нахранети


What we are doing

  • We hosted a Food Donation drive in partnership with the “Move a Finger” campaign and 5 other organizations where 1,000 citizens donated enough food to provide over 16,000 meals to food insecure citizens throughout Skopje!!


  • Across Macedonia, Food Insecurity is an issue with 1 out of 5 Macedonians struggling with food insecurity but low awareness limits the possibilities for civic engagement to support those in need. The event was to help raise awareness and source food donations to support those in need.
  • Host promotional tour across television and social media regarding the event
  • Secure 5 donations locations across the city of Skopje to facilitate donations from various neighborhoods
  • Collect food donations with support of partner organizations and volunteers leading to over 5 tons of food donated!
  • Distribute collected food donations to food insecure citizens in Skopje